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Event Details

Please look at important information about the event in the sections below.


Tour de Cure event day is packed with excitement as soon as you park and unload your bike. Check-in time depends on your route choice. Breakfast will be available before your ride, and after you cross the finish line you can join the festivities and celebrate your accomplishments. 

Tour de Cure: Arizona56 event schedule

Attention Tour de Cure participants: Please be advised that, due to construction beyond our control, the 56-mile and 23-mile routes have been shortened. If you are determined to complete the longer distance, you are welcome to enjoy multiple laps around the Phoenix Raceway before returning to the Goodyear Ballpark. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Route Maps and Start Times

GPS Route Maps

Your check-in time depends on the route you choose to ride. 

  Check-In   Start         Close   
56 MILE  6:00am 6:45am 12:30pm
23 MILE  6:00am 6:45am 12:30pm
5.6 MILE  7:45am 8:30am 12:30pm

All parking will occur on the ballpark's South side off of West Lower Buckeye Parkway. We strongly encourage all participants, vendors and event visitors to exit the I-10 freeway at Bullard Avenue and head South. You will then take Lower Buckeye Parkway West and enter the parking lot from there. Due to other events in the area, please avoid Estrella Parkway. You will exit the ballpark, the same way you came in.