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National Teams

Join the Fight to End Diabetes!

With your support, the American Diabetes Association® can continue our lifesaving work to make breakthroughs in research and provide people with the resources they need to fight diabetes.

National Teams allow companies and organizations with multiple locations to connect their employees around a common purpose and mission, positively impacting employee health and well-being and uniting them to raise funds to fight the diabetes epidemic.

To enjoy the benefits of our national team program, a company or organization sets a goal to raise $100,000 or more collectively and has teams participating in multiple events nationwide. There's no limit to the impact you can make together!

We will work with you to organize your team while making it easy for you by providing the resources you need to ensure you reach your goals. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss getting started as a National Team.

We’re thankful for the support of our current national team partners listed below. Please find out more by visiting their team pages.

2024 Events


Team Red  American Diabetes Association  Abbott Laboratories Amazon Pharmacy Best Buy Health Charles Schwab UnitedHealth Group

2025 Events

Team Red