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Corporate Multi-Teams

Are you and your company ready to team up and join the fight against diabetes? 

 With your support, the American Diabetes Association® can continue our lifesaving work to make breakthroughs in research and provide people with the resources they need to fight diabetes.

Corporate Multi-Teams are two or more teams representing the same organizations at a local event with a combined fundraising goal. Connect your employees around a joint mission, positively impacting employee health and well-being and uniting them to raise funds to fight the diabetes epidemic. 

We will work with you to organize your team while making it easy for you by providing the resources to ensure you reach your goals. There's no limit to the impact you and your employees can make together! 

Please contact your event staff member to learn more about our corporate opportunities. 

Linnea Ryan
720-343-1964 Ext: 1964

We’re grateful for the support of our local Corporate Multi-Team partners who are leading the fight. Please find out more by visiting their corporate team page. 

Discount Tire  - Team Murray Discount Tire - Team Garcia Discount Tire - Team Hollister 

Discount Tire - Team Bush Discount Tire - Team Thrasher Discount Tire - Team Meredith 

Discount Tire - Team Williams